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shared by Jose Yobani Lopez

August 7th, 2018

I’ve only recently discovered this series started by Black Yale student on what it means to be Black at Yale titled “Now, In Color.” I was touched by its emphasis on narratives, on focusing on like one’s essence, and on just the effort to offer students visibility through their own voice, on the emphasis of establishing a personal connection before getting to the heart of these general but important questions on identity. It is also a preview into what we’ll be talking about later, because race/ethnicity definitely plays a role in cultural differences right?

Regardless, hope y’all enjoy this! And of course thank you to all the students who put hard work to get this project going, much love to y’all.

shared by Jose Yobani Lopez

August 17th, 2018

I stumbled upon this and I was so excited to learn that Dena Simmons works here at Yale! That aside, this is a wonderful exploration of a black woman who’s really out there doing things about the cost of success in elite spaces for students who don’t typically reside in them. The video description states “Dena Simmons knows that for students of color, success in school sometimes comes at the cost of living authentically.” Check it out fam!