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Welcome to the FGLI Community Blog. This space is designed to be a sharing space for FGLI students on campus on anything related to the FGLI experience at Yale.


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This blog was started by José Yobani López (BF '18) as part of the FGLI Community Initiative that came from his position as a Woodbridge Fellow. Concurrently with academic and professional support, José knew from his own experiences as a student that first-generation low-income students also face challenges stemming from social and cultural differences, which can invoke more personal and emotional responses, questions, thoughts, and at times frustrations.  With this in mind, he created this page as an online medium which students can use to document their words, granting them visibility and increasing dialogue among the community.


The Latest Word...

"Who Am I?": A discourse on my identity

August 18, 2018

by Jordan Young

Transparent post: Read on if you would like to, but I would like to give a small spiel real quick. This post is in no way me trying to brag or demonstrate something, but more of a post of me showing my transformation throughout my first year of college as well as this summer. And more than anything else this is a post of self-love.

I am dedicated. I am hard-working. I continue to strive. I accomplish a lot. I am intellectual. I am loving. I am caring. I am great in every way possible.

I am low-income. And I am a first-generation college student....

"Ni de Aquí, Ni de allá"

August 18, 2018

by José Yobani López 

This is a video I made about my first time visiting México two years ago and finally meeting all the family there. Needless to say, it was a deeply humbling summer filled with so much love, and it continues to feel the closest thing to home in my mind. But upon my return, I became aware of the reality that as influential as that world was, it was one I inhibited differently than my tíos and tías....


Our Community Stays thriving

August 17th, 2018

This week we want to shout out Christian hailing from Waterbury, CT who returns to the East after a summer in Brazil as part of the Yale Summer Session in Paraty & Rio de Janeiro Elementary Portuguese program.

Christian offers some reflection on the learning he has undergone this past year from his birthday post on Facebook:

"I’ve now been on this earth for 19 years and I can safely say this past year has been the craziest I’ve had yet. At around this time last year, I was filled with regret and fear. I was going into my freshman year at Yale with a feeling that I did not belong. Feelings like this only intensified as the year went on....


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